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1) NANO-Mediterranean: Developments in Nano !

Chairperson(s): Dr. (Pr.Phys.) Mohammed Khenfouch, Africa Graphene Center-UNISA, South Africa; Prof. Izeddine Zorkani, University Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdelah, Morocco; Professor Abdel hafed TALEB, Pierre Marie Curie University, France.

The footprint of nanoscience and nanotechnology within many vital fields has grown dramatically. The Mediterranean area is known to be very active in this sector due to the number of involved researchers and institutions, educational programs, enterprises and organized events. Recently, this area has shown an increasing amount of financial funding and mobility schemes between the Mediterranean countries to boost the productivity in nano-scale applications.

 This special session held within the NANOSMAT conference will provide a platform to showcase the developments of nanoscience and nanotechnology in the Mediterranean area.

People from Mediterranean countries are encouraged to submit their abstarcts for this session relating to "nano" to abstracts@nanosmat.co.uk by 31 May 2018


2) “Catalysis Involving Nanostructured Materials”

Chairperson: Dr Giuseppe Fierro, CNR-ISMN, Italy

The NanoCatalysis session will cover all major and highly important topics and aspects of heterogeneous catalysis. The session will review the current state-of-the-art concerning functional surfaces and nano-structured materials in catalysis as well as presenting novel applications and current challenges and opportunities in this strategic field.
This special session will promote high-tech ideas and will endeavour to provide solutions to the many problems underlying the field of Catalysis. In doing so, the session will provide a platform which will act as a hub for finding international partners for innovative research collaborations and research proposals for European FP Projects. 


Nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage

  Chairperson(s): Dr. (Pr.Phys.) Mohammed Khenfouch, Professor Abdel Hafed TALEB, Sorbonne University & IRCP/CNRS/ENSCP, France


In this session, researchers will present their recent and advanced projects to solve issues related to energy by using nanoscale materials and tools.


Nanomaterials for efficient solar cells

Nanomaterials for energy storage devices

Nanomaterials for energy efficiency applications

4) Clinical aspects of Nano-tech: present use and future


Chairman: Professor Ahmed EL-Mallul, Warsaw Medical University, Poland


Topics to be covered:

  1. Pharmacological and nanotechnology treatment carriers modifying immune system and anti-inflammatory agents
  2. Clinical disease already treated with a Nano-tech
  3. Disease Diagnosis and using Nano-particles
  4. Use of mathematic and quantum  models for progress in Nano-Med theoretical discussion  





NANOSMAT Conference
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