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On the two occasions that I have given plenary lectures at NANOSMAT conferences (in Aveiro and Alvor) I found them to posses a truly international flavour with participants from almost every corner of the World. It was particularly pleasing to see such a large number of enthusiastic young researchers participate actively and interact creatively with the more experienced scientists. The large number of scientists from developing countries indicated that NANOSMAT has now developed a significant global footprint as a timely venue dealing with a major research topic. All of the participants with whom I interacted found that in general the lectures were uniformly excellent in scientific value and furthermore the overall intellectual atmosphere of the conference was highly conducive to the development of fruitful synergetic interaction which fostered creative scientific collaboration. The great success of the conference was due not only the expertise of the invited speakers but also, in no small way, to the careful organisation, wonderful hospitality, and the perfection of the venue and weather in Portugal.

Professor Sir Harold W. Kroto, Nobel Laureate, Florida State University, USA


I enjoyed very much my participation in the NANOSMAT -5 meeting in Reims. It presented exciting lectures in a wide area of topics all of great interest for all those working on nanostructured materials but also far beyond, including biological aspects. I wish to congratulate the organizers for setting up such a valuable event!

Professor Jean Marie-Lehn, Nobel Laureate, Universitè de Strasbourg, France


I was pleasantly surprised to find so many presentations on graphene and related materials, the area of which I was one of the founders and which continues to grow strongly. I am also grateful for many interesting and sometimes entertaining interactions with young and not so young participants and for overwhelming hospitality of the organizers.

Professor Andre Geim, Nobel Laureate, University of Manchester, UK


The NANOSMAT meetings have developed over the last several years, growing in quality of organization and participation from Asia and the Americas.  The meetings are large enough for participants to represent a diverse range of interests and experience, but small enough for any participant to move easily between concurrent symposia, if desired.  The exposure given to applications of nanoscience and nanotechnology commercialization favorably complements the time spent on the latest results in research.  It is my pleasure to recommend the NANOSMAT meetings to anyone interested in the subject.

Professor Don Haynie, University of South Florida, USA


NANOSMAT is a very good conference with a broad scope. It established very quickly and belongs to the important conferences in the field which spans from surface science, to thin films and important aspects of nanoscience. Therefore I hope that it will continue in the future.

Professor Stan Veprek, Technical University of Munich, Germany 


I have attended 3 of the first 5 NANOSMAT meetings and it has been a pleasure to see how they have grown both in breadth of subject and attendance. NANOSMAT is now a great forum for meeting a wide cross section of Nano-scientists/technologists. The invited and contributed talks have been uniformly excellent and the opportunities for networking/mixing have been first class- just enough attendees to produce a great meeting but sufficiently small to encourage interaction”

Professor W. I. Milne, University of Cambridge, UK 


This (NANOSMAT-5) is an excellent conference.

Professor Alexander M. Seifalian, University College London, UK


Definitely NANOSMAT belongs to the series of my favorite conferences. NanoSmat was able to distinguish itself in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology meetings because of the paramount interdisciplinary interactions among physics, chemistry, engineering and even medicine. Every year  the conference is hailing participants from all continents in the world to present research, to highlight innovation and to network The unique blend of fundamental nanoscience, engineering and social elements creates the perfect synergy to move nanoresearch and developments forward to produce innovations, applications and solutions. I look forward to the 6th NANOSMAT to be held in the beautiful city of Krakow, Poland, hosting one of the oldest universities in the world.  

Professor Jeff Th.M. DeHosson (NANOSMAT 2009 Prize Recipient), University of Groningen, the Netherlands


NANOSMAT Conference
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